Respite Care Vacations, from Our Perspective

Respite Care vacations is a term used mostly to describe the need for a caregiver to take time off the caregiving tasks and place the seniors in the hands of someone else, due to the emotional and physical stress of their role.

We define it as having the senior take an actual Caribbean Seniors Vacation, to get away from a dull and boring life – into a more colorful existence. It operates the same way, but instead it offers the whole family an option to travel together, or just the senior.

Since most resorts do not offer assisted lodging for seniors travel, the Assisted Villas becomes the top choice so families can bring the elderly with them and still enjoy their Caribbean vacation with their loved ones. The same happens with disabled, wheelchair travelers that require special lodging and staff, and find it hard to get proper accommodations from standard resorts.

How Respite Care can Help

The main reason people seek the help of a caregiver when on vacation is the fact that most resorts worldwide do not have the proper arrangements and staff in place to deal with seniors, and elderly people require a higher level of care that only certified staff can provide.

The Assisted Villas provides respite care vacations so seniors can travel with the family, and “test” a different lifestyle that can become the door to assisted living in the Caribbean. Imagine telling a senior about a Caribbean vacation instead of a nursing home stay, life can still go on and a new purpose for living takes over their existence.


  • Help caregivers take a break
  • Provide a life boosting vacation to elderly
  • Allows family to travel with elderly
  • Can become Caribbean assisted living

Caribbean people are known for their hospitality, specially in the island of Dominican Republic. Seniors are treated with the highest respect in DR society, and since nursing homes are mostly nonexistent ( families stay together, old and new generations ) the service is family oriented, and very professional. A resort-like lifestyle with full staff and medical support can go a long way in making elderly people happier and more motivated about life.

respite care vacations in DR

Respite care vacations can last as little as one or two weeks, (as in Seniors Vacations ) or as long as three months in many cases. If a senior enjoys the lifestyle and decides to stay for a longer period, then it becomes assisted living ( 1-12 months or longer ). Our program includes a complete set of features that are needed to successfully provide top level services to seniors:

  • Private and shared Caribbean villas
  • Private, full time chef
  • Certified caregivers
  • Accessible bathrooms and rooms
  • Transportation
  • Swimming pool
  • Cable TV, WiFi, International Phone
  • Activities Calendar
  • Exercise and wellness

The complete set of features can be found in the services and the activities pages. There is an active community behind the assisted villas, including the first and only Seniors Club in the Dominican Republic. The Club allows senior expats from many countries that live in the DR to mingle and share activities, that include lectures, games, tours, arts and crafts.


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The Joy of Life

Say good bye to nursing homes and welcome your seniors to a whole new world of possibilities where living takes a whole new meaning, making the last years of anyone`s life the most rewarding and meaningful ones.