Dominican Republic Retirement Homes

Dominican Republic retirement homes and villas for sale have become a hot trend among retirees from the USA, Canada and Europe, and as a result, there is a large expat community in the island, specially in the North Coast areas of Puerto Plata.

Owning a home in the Caribbean is a dream that many can make a reality nowadays, specially for retirement among North Americans.

A home must adapt to your lifestyle

Firstly, the home and surroundings should adapt to its owner when he or she starts the phase of assisted living, which is not always the case. The elderly then feel they have to fly back to their country of origin and pay expensive, boring nursing homes.

Secondly, many retirees live alone, without nearby relatives or life alert services to assist them in case of an accident or health emergency; this is where the Assisted Ownership from Golden Treasures comes in handy.

Dominican Republic house

Like a Family Member

Dominican Republic retirement homes Assisted Ownership provides retirees with access to important information on DR immigration, local regulations, service providers, legal assistance, health services, lifestyle and real estate developers.

Most importantly, it features a life monitor service for seniors to quickly get in touch with the support center in the event of an emergency, legal or health related.

Add to it the over 10 years experience of a respected DR-owned realtor that knows the top developers and architects that deliver the best construction quality in the island.

Dominican Republic Homes

Top Retirement Properties

View of the retirement villa

3 Bedroom Caribbean Villa

3 Bedroom Caribbean Villa

Beautiful front facade

3-4 Bedroom Caribbean Villa

3-4 Bedroom Caribbean Villa

3 Bedroom Caribbean Villa For Sale

3 Bedroom Caribbean Villa

3 Bedroom Caribbean Villa

retirement villa in Dominican Republic

3 Bedroom Retirement Villa

3 Bedroom Retirement Villa

Dominican Republic retirement villa for seniors

2-4 Bedroom Retirement Home

2-4 Bedroom Retirement Home

aerial view of the Caribbean vill

2 Bedroom Caribbean Villa

2 Bedroom Caribbean Villa

Many reasons to retire in the Dominican Republic

The list of benefits to our members makes this the first and most complete plan for retirement living in the Dominican Republic:

  • Custom designed, can also be made following ADA standards
  • Retrofitted real estate with accessible features
  • Emergency life alert service with wellness check
  • DR immigration advisor
  • Legal assistance
  • DR services top providers list
  • Access to local health services
  • Community integration
  • Assisted living services when needed

Care services there when you need them

Dominican Republic retirement homes by Golden Treasures are the only ones backed with a care program to have life alert and assisted living options in the island of DR.

Besides the benefits of having someone to care about their wellness and make sure they are ok, the fact of being new in a community affects the way to deal with local service providers.

The Assisted Ownership Concierge will recommend the top rated ones and ensure the services rendered are of high quality and fairly priced. The peace of mind this brings to the new homeowner is priceless, for instance.

Our members can quote a service and compare against the quote we get for them, for the same services. This will clearly show them the advantage of having a local source that knows the market.

Retiring in the Dominican Republic from Canada or the United States is now a viable option when you know we`re there for you.

The selection of Dominican Republic retirement homes offered by Golden Treasures has many excellent options. Gated communities with beach and ocean front are very popular, although not all are ideal for certain buyers. It takes an onsite tour and fair assessment of each community features to see which one fits the specific needs of the buyer.