2 Bedroom Caribbean Villa

Dominican Republic retirement villa for sale, an affordable investment that many retirees will find as their dream home. The layout centers the living room, and places the bedrooms at each end, creating a balanced design.

The Villa Living Room:

The living room offers the choice to use it as the media area, solely to be used for audio/ TV and lounging purposes. In the model shown in this photos this is the case, and the dining table can be seen alfresco outside, under the covered terrace ( a veranda ). We added photos of 3 different kitchen finishes here.

A kitchen set on the right side corner offers plenty of workspace, with high and low cabinets, granite tops and a breakfast nook with stools.

This arrangement can be customized by the buyer, in terms of top and cabinet colors, wall splash, flooring, etc; a big advantage when you buy pre-construction in Dominican Republic.

The Bedrooms:

The two bedrooms in the villa are spacious, with large sliding glass doors that provide plenty of natural light during the day, which of course is controlled with blackout curtains to sleep sound and restful.

The photos here show how classy the decor can be, using neutral colors and Ikea furniture, framed art and your own personal touch.

The fine cabinetry includes closet, TV area and drawers. The main suite opens to the swimming pool area, while the other opens to the covered terrace where the dining table or lounge is usually placed.

The Bathrooms:

One important aspect of the villa interior is the bathrooms. This model has the floor-to-ceiling trimmed ceramic walls, with a shower partition that morphs to glass halfway up, safer than all-glass ones. The fine wooden cabinetry and granite tops perfectly match the overall bathroom look.

The villa sliding windows add the much needed ventilation many bathrooms rarely have. Overall, this house deserved an A+ in bathroom design and finish considering its pricing.

The Outdoors:

The outdoors area is the most interesting about this villa, as it has the alfresco dining area, BBQ area and private swimming pool. The coral stone deck looks elegant, and keeps the deck cool despite hot sunny days.

The Dominican Republic has great weather throughout the year, specially the North Coast. Many retirees spend a lot of time outdoors when traveling or moving to DR, and this home was designed with that in mind.

The Location & Size:

This villa sits on a North DR gated community of Puerto Plata, where pre construction models are sold ( also post construction ones ) with 24 hr security and management services. It can be turned into an income generating vacation home.

The land size is 4,843 Sq Ft and the house size 1,081.77 Sq Ft. depending on the chosen lot and any customizations. Prices start at US$207,300.00, other larger models available. The North top beaches are just 5 minutes away by car, also supermarkets, schools and stores.


Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Community Villa Ref#1577

villa floor plan

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