The Dominican Republic

“The most beautiful land human eyes have ever beheld“
-Christopher Columbus, October 12th, 1492.

The Best of the Caribbean, no Doubt

The Dominican Republic is one of the top Caribbean destinations for travelers seeking to enjoy its pristine beaches, lush green forest landscape and mountain scenery – some say it has it all. The island`s 48,000 sq. km. offer a lot in terms of environment and amenities, being most famous for its North and East coastal areas: Puerto Plata, which beach towns of Cabarete, Sosua, Cofresi, Cabrera and Costambar became important destinations for retirement and vacation travelers.

A stable government system, advanced telecommunications structure and professional health services make it a desirable choice for thousands of expats that now live in the island.

Families will find a wide range of activities in the area, and disabled or senior travelers will be able to enjoy their own version of paradise because GT offers balloon wheel chairs, assisted water chaise lounges, adaptive yachts, golf carts, and other disabled friendly amenities that adapt to every person`s needs based on their physician recommendations. Please visit the activities page for more specific information.

TOURISM: The island of Dominican Republic has an average of 2.6 million visitors per year, mostly from Europe and North America. A big percentage goes to all inclusive resorts in the East, while most seniors and retirees visit the North for the more natural setting and better retirement opportunities ( less resorts and more villa communities ).

Visitors can travel from a beach setting to a mountain, forest, or river landscape in a matter of minutes, allowing us to provide a unique, enriching experience with minimal effort to the traveler. Senior living in the Dominican Republic has many perks, with access to medical centers, therapists, elderly care and medication management.

Puerto Plata was the first place where Christopher Columbus set foot in the New World, on October 12th, 1492. In his own words, he described it as “The most beautiful land man has ever seen” and still it has remained as such more than 500 years later.

It is the main city of the Northern Coast of the island, a major cruise ship hub and destination known as the first place where tourism developed in the island. Resort areas of Puerto Plata are mostly found in Playa Dorada and Cofresi, and its villa communities in Cabarete and Sosua.

MEDICAL CENTERS: Puerto Plata has several medical centers that service the expat community, the largest ones being Bournigal and Clinica Brugal. The Cabarete Medical Center ( CMC ) services both Sosua and Cabarete, and all have access to medevac using helicopters if ever needed, to reach the largest centers ( HOMS, Santiago & Plaza de la Salud in Santo Domingo ). Medical tourism has grown in the Dominican Republic because of this, specially for retirees and people who seek to have aesthetic touch ups.


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