Time For a Senior Caribbean Getaway?


In the time of the Novel Corona Virus, travel is perhaps one of the first items to reconsider given the fact that viruses spread from person to person in crowded spaces. The threat of the Covid-19 makes us more anxious because it has a tendency to be more damaging to elderly and other people with fragile immune system. The main problem is, how to keep proper measures to keep it from spreading.

A March 6th, 2020 AARP article suggested the following:

If a facility has suspected cases of COVID-19, experts provide these recommendations:

  • Staff should use gowns, gloves and face masks or goggles when treating ill patients.
  • Residents suspected of having the virus should be placed in single rooms with closed doors.
  • Dining rooms may be closed and meals delivered to all residents’ rooms.

It is understandable, though those who can avoid these issues will want to send their loved ones to a more secure location where the elderly won`t be locked inside a room for long periods of time, and still be at risk from overworked staff that now needs to work more in order to control the new situation.

Why the Assisted Villas for a Senior Getaway Before Corona Virus Spreads Further?

Years before the idea of a virus outbreak was on the news, the Assisted Villas implemented low density short and long term stays where elderly can enjoy a vacation away from crowds, in a very well controlled environment. With access to secluded beaches away from crowds and private tours of the best in the island`s North Coast, this can make for a better experience during the golden years of seniors.

Can travel be safe during these days?

Given that elderly need to fly from their countries to the Dominican Republic island, the Assisted Villas is providing the NP95 masks to help them make the trip safe, and access to the airport VIP lounge for safer, quicker check in. Food, supplies and staff are being monitored full time and must follow a tight schedule to keep us germ-free for as long as this disease is out in the open.

How long can the stay be?

The Corona virus spread, peak and plateau might take months, the worst possibly between 3-6 and up to 8 months. Anyone coming to the Assisted Villas during March- April will be screened, and will want to stay a minimum of three months or longer.

What is included in the package?

The Seniors Vacation package is all-inclusive, meaning it offers all meals, snacks, activities, caregiving, tours, private swimming pool, essentials (maids service, cable TV, WiFi, phone service), security, transportation and lodging.

How much does it cost?

The cost is based on level of care, and since now we can only handle level I & II, the average cost will be $3,850.00 per month for groups of 6 people maximum. The experience is worth the trip, for those who can make it before flights get harder to get or they get trapped inside a quarantined town.

How to book it?

You can book online at https://www.assistedvillas.com/bookingform2/

Please provide all the information in the form and allow 24 hrs to process it. Proof of health certificate might be required, and risk areas travelers might have to follow further instructions for the first 2 weeks.