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  • Caribbean Assisted Living in Villas – is this a nursing home?
  • Are the Villas Private?
  • What Type of Caregivers are Included?
  • What Type of Food is on the Menu?
  • Safety and Medical Support
  • What Activities are Included?
  • Keeping in Touch with Family
  • Medicaid and Medicare
Caribbean Assisted Living in Villas – is this a nursing home?

The Assisted Villas offer residential assisted living in the Caribbean, hosted in luxury oceanfront and beach villas within prestigious communities of the Dominican Republic North Coast.

Our concept adds certified caregivers for activities of daily living ( ADL ), a resident nurse, maid service, transportation,  chef services, salon services, fitness director, activities coordinator and concierge. This is an all-inclusive, resort-like living for elderly people, Caribbean style.

It is adapted to elderly people and disabled travelers so they can have barrier-free access and mobility. 24/7 emergency support is included, with access to medical services.

senior with caregiver in kitchen
Are the Villas Private?

Yes, there are totally private villas for those that prefer to stay in their own private Caribbean home. Collective villas have no more than 4-8 care recipients, in private or shared bedroom ( see our plans ), which is a very low density that keeps a much cleaner, less crowded environment for the elderly.

A totally private villa becomes a free lodging option for the family of a given care recipient, as there are always additional bedrooms to use. Some very large villas can have space for 10-20 people, and those are really large luxury properties that carry higher costs. Our model for Caribbean assisted living makes it more affordable.

beach villa for seniors respite care
What Type of Caregivers are Included?

Level 1 care includes a full time nurse per every 4 residents, including night shift. Also a Geriatrician (for wellness check ); Driver, chef, activities coordinator, fitness/nutrition director, and supervisor.

A custom care package can be also provided under request, as we understand there are special cases that might require it depending on the condition of the resident (s).

What Type of Food is on the Menu?

The food in the menu follows the specification of each resident`s dietary guidelines, includes various types of fish, vegetables, fresh island fruits, chicken, soups, salads and other international foods.

Organic foods are highly recommended, and there is plenty of fresh food in the island with high quality standards. Please check our elderly nutrition guide for more information.

Tropical Fruits
Safety and Medical Support

Each of the Assisted Villas comply with international safety standards, include 24hr security and are specially equipped to keep the guests and residents safe, including the critical areas of the home such as the bathrooms and kitchen.

Several medical centers are close by, the nearest within 4 minutes by car. GT`s own support center is located very close to the CMC medical center, and can get access to Medevac via ambulance or helicopter if ever needed.

What Activities are Included?

The activities guide has a complete program to motivate elderly participation, including a fitness and wellness program that features brain training exercises, Yoga, Tai Chi, tours, dancing, water aerobics, singing, lectures, games and community engagement program for elderly and seniors.

Please see the activities page for more comprehensive information, including a downloadable pdf guide.

Keeping in Touch with Family

Residents can keep in touch with family via telephone  ( USA Vonage line included ), video conference ( high speed WiFi ) and a mobile phone assigned to each by GT – which can also provide live tracking of the elderly location 24hrs a day if requested.

If a guardian requires to monitor a resident`s location via CCTV with a live feed, it can be considered for those that book individual villas, just contact our support line for details.

video calling
Medicaid and Medicare

For the time being we are only accepting private pay, so Medicare and Medicaid are not yet an option. This might change in the future, please stay in touch or join our newsletter to receive the updates.

Medicare and Medicaid payments



Our 24/7 emergency support is ready for all residents, as well as the 911 service.


GT`s Concierge Service is included in all the villas, for a truly VIP experience.


GT features the most comprehensive selection of bilingual doctors in the island.


Our therapy center manages all rehab needs for most foreigners in the North Coast.


Customer feedback is key to our success, feel free to send us your suggestions.