2021 Assisted Villas Rates


The 2022 season still see Covid19 affecting travel and daily life for so many seniors. Protection protocols are in place everywhere to ensure those traveling to our location, and those already here.

Vaccination will be required to all travelers, as well as the already required tests. Since we already keep a low density of residents in the villas we are confident that our seniors will enjoy a great experience in the Caribbean despite the pandemic.

Seniors at the beach
The VIP Seniors Camp in Dominican Republic is the top of the bucket list.

Our 2 week seniors vacations are available for groups of 3-5 couples, as assisted and independent senior options. The assisted vacation option includes caregivers and many other features not needed by independent seniors. Private villas are also available where a single person or more can book the entire property.

The Independent seniors rates start at US$3,700.00/month, also for groups of 3-5 couples over a 2-week vacation. This  also offer the totally private villa option meaning that anyone can have a villa to themselves, this involves a higher cost per stay.

We also offer longer vacation stays of 3-4 weeks, please contact us for availability and rates.


Long term, all-inclusive assisted living rates start at $3500/month depending on the level of care. Please inquire using the contact form and fill out the questions so we can properly quote the monthly cost.


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