Golden Treasures Dominican Republic


The Assisted Villas is a pioneering concept created to bridge the gap between vacation resorts and assisted living, much needed by elderly citizens and other seniors with various types of disabilities. It was born out of Golden Treasures, a luxury villa service company in the Dominican Republic, with more than a decade of experience in the hospitality service, specially in the barrier-free market.

The Assisted Villas are privately owned Caribbean villas with assisted living, supported by the top staff and medical centers in the region. The goal is to provide a high quality, private resort-style service that caters to elderly, disabled and senior travelers, both for respite care vacations and assisted living in a dignified, vacation style tropical setting. An option for assisted ownership will ensure that retirees who prefer to buy a home in DR can also get these benefits.

This service is not a nursing home, and more a high end residential service with more personalized service ( a very high ratio of caregiver to senior ) in a far more ideal setting ( constant perfect weather and location, engaging activities, truly dedicated, well paid staff ).

Our inspiration is to give elderly people a renewed sense of life itself, specially in their last years of existence. Caribbean assisted living is a wish in every person`s bucket list, specially when their lives are given a high sense of purpose.



female caregiver assisting senior


Golden Treasures features one of the largest selection of ocean and beach front properties in the North Dominican Republic, now available as assisted villas.


Pioneers in universal access lodging in the region, and the introduction of assisted living and health services concierge in the Dominican Republic / Caribbean.


The first and most complete Med Concierge with updated profile for all elderly care specialists in the island, servicing the Capital and North Regions.