Important aspects to consider before
selecting a new place to live in.

The advantages of moving overseas

The prospect of moving to another country, specially to the Caribbean, is a bucket list item for many. Senior living overseas requires the analysis of the chosen country`s stability, safety, health services, climate, economy and lifestyle. The Dominican Republic is one of the top destinations for retirement, with a large community of North Americans and Europeans already living in the North Coast.

The island enjoys a stable government, steady climate, professional health services and a laid back lifestyle, which is why it always makes it to several annual global retirement indexes and top lists.

Seniors living overseas fall into two categories: 

Those who move on their own and have to find a rental or purchase property, and deal with everyday living ( independents ); and those who stay within the protective umbrella of assisted living, living a more relaxed existence serviced by dedicated staff ( assisted ).

In most cases, those who need assisted living are not able to live alone, due to several reasons related to health and aging. The independents are still more active and might prefer to get Assisted Home Ownership until they get older and need the care of assisted living.


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