Top Travel Tips For Seniors


Caribbean assisted living or a senior care vacation may be at the top of the bucket list for seniors, even if only for a small period of time, so planning ahead is a top priority in order to make it a pleasant trip to the Caribbean. Depending on their physical condition, elderly people might need special services, and here`s a list of tips to consider:

  1. Research the destination facilities: this is placed at the top of of the list because one of the most important aspects to consider before selecting a facility is the senior-friendly features, specially in bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom, and other areas of the property. This article on fall prevention for the elderly is very helpful and serves an introductory guide to follow the requirements needed to accommodate senior living.
  2. Access to medical services: The second important aspect of the list is emergency or routine access to professional medical facilities near the assisted villa where the senior(s) will be staying. Are there specialists that can be contacted ahead of traveling? it is quite helpful for those seniors that might need care while on vacation or assisted living while in the Caribbean.
  3. Pre-trip medical check-ups: it is quite useful to have a complete check up before traveling, and keep the results information handy in case a doctor in the destination needs it. If the senior has heart disease, hypertension or any other condition it is important to have their doctor do a check up before traveling overseas.
  4. Flu and Pneumonia Vaccinations: most travel advisories recommend having vaccinations before traveling to tropical islands, as a precaution.
  5. Medications: What can be a legal medication in one country, might not be approved in another; it is best to consult with the villas concierge or directly with a medical specialist in order to learn about what medications can be legally taken to the island, or available OTC with the same dosages and brands. A written note from the doctor prescribing the medications taken to another country is important when traveling. Keeping the medication in the original packaging avoids delays at the airport customs office.
  6. DVT ( Deep Vein Thrombosis ): To some people, sitting still for long periods of time can be risk factor of blood clots in the veins of the legs. Long Haul flights can cause this, and mostly affects seniors traveling from Europe. USA travelers are just 2-3 hrs away from Miami and New York to POP. Economy flight seats are harder on seniors, so consider upgrading to get a better seat, and perform foot and leg stretches during the flight.
  7. Travel Insurance: Medicare does not cover seniors overseas, so it is recommended ( and required in some cases ) to obtain medical and health care coverage when traveling overseas. Always have information from the senior`s doctor regarding their condition and medication. Also consider these tips on Medicare and senior travel.
  8. Security: Make sure to learn about security in the chosen facility, when transportation is provided, and in the grounds. NOTE: The Assisted Villas provide private security for seniors from the moment they are greeted at the VIP lounge of the airport, during transportation and when under their care, 24/7. There are many advantages to being in an assisted villa as opposed to a hotel, cruise ship or lodging, and safety is number one.



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