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the grand cathedral in the main park

Touring Puerto Plata, DR

One of the most interesting aspects of any destination is the cultural richness of its people and history, and Puerto Plata is no exception. Being the location of the first Spanish settlement of the Americas, this old town has a charm and beauty that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, mainly for the gorgeous beaches, historic landmarks and...

the freedom of assisted living in the Caribbean

The benefits of Caribbean Assisted Living in Dominican Republic

Caribbean Assisted Living: Its benefits To most seniors from North America and Europe, assisted living was mainly available through their local home providers, in facilities that might include dozens or hundreds of residents; sometimes in conditions that might not be the most desirable ones due to underpaid staff, lack of proper supervision and locations. One reason most people did not...

burlesque clowns in puerto plata parade

Puerto Plata Carnival

The Carnival of Puerto Plata is a colorful parade where the country`s cultural heritage is shown since its early beginnings, when the island inhabitants were called Taino. The masks and costumes become a sort of time machine that displays key social and cultural elements throughout the 500+ years gone by since the island was first found by Christopher Columbus on...