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Finding an assisted living facility anywhere in the world is easier using this directory, where we list the ones we consider to be more relevant to anyone needing to get care for an elderly person in any of these latitudes. Before choosing a provider make sure the proper research is done and get references, this provider directory is a free informative service, not a referral. Some of the sites listed here also provide resources on assisted living considered to be key in understanding how it works.

Assisted Living Resources on Video

On Researching Assisted Living:

One of the advantages of researching assisted living anywhere in the world ( specially Europe and the Americas ) is the abundant sources of online information on the subject. The Internet has made possible to research video, documentation and institutions with just a simple click, and social media empowered consumers with tools to exchange reviews and information on real time. The basics we consider people can start with, summarized:

  • Most facilities outside of the US/ Canada do not accept Medicaid/Medicare
  • Many assisted living facilities also offer skilled nursing service, and memory care
  • Most facilities charge a fixed fee plus extra expenses, almost none are all-inclusive.
  • “Assisted Villas” are luxury homes in the Caribbean, usually one or two floors high.
  • Always ask about continued care options and regulations of the selected facility.

In some cases, you might have access to live camera feeds of the common areas of a facility. That speaks volumes of how caring and transparent an assisted living facility is. The security of the location, as well as the screening of staff is a key element to ensuring the elderly will be properly taken care of. Constant supervision and reporting by managers is required, so don`t hesitate to ask about it and its frequency. In the end, the elderly themselves should be living testimony of improvement in their quality of living. If they don`t, find them a better provider.

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